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The System I Use Helps Me Make Money in Three Ways:

Pays Me When I Pay My Business and Personal Bills

When I became an Infinity Earnings Group member I started to get paid a 50% commission on the profits my credit card processing company was making on my account instead of the sales person that set up my account years ago. 

I also get paid a 10% kickback on the total amount I pay on my electric bills in deregulated states, my cell phone bills and internet connection bills. I'm also planning on adding a cutting edge security system to my home and business and getting identity protection for myself, my wife and my kids so I can earn commission on those services too.  

By Telling People How I Get Paid, I Get Paid Even More

For me, this is the most rewarding part. I actually get paid more money for simply asking my family, friends and business associates if they would like to get get paid when they pay their bills.

In addition to that, I also get paid when my family and friends tell their family and friends how they are making extra money.

This process goes on and on and on. My small investment of time keeps compounding for five levels so my checks just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Pays Me to Invest and Manage The Extra Money I Make

I never thought I'd go back to school, however once I discovered how much money I was losing on multiple financial services like life insurance, car insurance, my 401K and other mutual fund investments. I had to find a way to get licensed and certified. What I discovered is that Infinity Earnings Group has partnered with a company that actually helped me get licensed and certified.

Now, instead of paying my financial planner I'm getting paid to manage my own money. Let me say that again, I'm getting paid to manage my own money. I have access to the same mutual funds they do and I have experts I can turn to for free if I need advice.

I'm Also Saving $100's Every Month on My Auto, Life, Home and Business Insurance

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