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We create a brand new source of monthly income for your business by giving you cash back on the products and services you’re already paying for.

Here’s Our Easy 3 Step Process: 


Use the Infinity Payment App to get immediate cash back on the purchases you’re already making at over 100,000 national retail locations, such as Staples, Home Depot and Best Buy, restaurants like Domino’s, Applebee’s and Olive Garden, and travel brands such as Delta, American Airlines and Carnival. Whether it’s shopping, dining, entertainment or travel, you’ll find it on the Infinity Payment app!

Use with Any Credit or Debit Card. Load multiple credit or debit cards onto the app and use whichever one you’d like.

Now, even your debit card can earn you cash back!

Compatible with All Rewards Cards and Coupons. The Infinity Payment App doesn’t interfere with any existing credit card rewards programs or discount coupons. Benefits are completely stackable, so cash back earned on the app is in addition to any benefit programs you may already have.

Open this web page on your phone and CLICK HERE to download the app. 

Setting up the app is easy, but allow a few extra moments to install your payment card(s) due to the enhanced level of security the app provides over conventional payment methods.

CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions 


Get cash back on the essential services you’re already paying for, like phones, utilities and Internet.

We’ve secured direct wholesale pricing contracts from the nation’s top service providers, like Verizon, Sprint, DISH and AT&T, who pay us commissions to resell their services. With the Infinity Vendor program, we give you access to these same contracts, so you can buy services from yourself at the wholesale level and get commissions paid to you by being your own customer.

When you buy from yourself, you get to keep the commission!

Save money plus get paid 10% of your cell phone, electric (1), gas (1), cable/Internet, security system, ID theft, and technical support bills every month. Accept credit cards? We’ll match your existing rates and pay you 50% of the profit on your account each month.
Imagine how much money you’ll earn every time you pay bills for the services you’re using every day to run your business! You’ll get the same or better service at a lower cost, and you’ll get a check every month instead of paying commissions to nameless third parties. 

Enrolling your services is easy. Just provide us with an image, scan or hard copy of your most recent bill for each service you want to enroll. Our trained staff will evaluate your information and match you with the best possible provider. We’ll let you know how much you’ll save with Infinity, and how much you’ll earn!
(1) Available in deregulated energy states only

Do you have multiple phone lines?
For every 5 cell phones you transfer to Infinity, your 6th one is free! Any combination of business or personal phones qualifies, and the phones can either be your own or from referrals. There’s no limit to the number of free phone accounts you can earn!

Refer 10 electric accounts (business or personal) to Infinity, and your service is FREE if your business or home is in a deregulated state!

Refer 12 electric accounts, and you’ll receive an ongoing monthly bonus payment (paid in the form of a gift card) equal to the average billing of those 12 accounts.

There’s no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn!

Do you know other businesses or individuals who want to earn a brand new source of revenue on the things they’re already buying? Or, who want to become their own vendor and start getting paid 10% of their own bills every month? Just refer them to Infinity, and you’ll get paid up to 8% of the billing for all the services they enroll in! 

Click Here if you want to get cash back.


Feed Kids

It’s hard to believe, but In America today, more than 17 million children don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Through a unique relationship with our partner, ACN, and Project Feeding Kids/Feeding America, when you enroll in the Infinity Vendor Program and/or every time you pay your phone, utility or any other services bill(2), we’ll donate a meal to a child in need.

Together, we can play a part in helping end childhood hunger in America while empowering families to live healthier lives.

(2) Excluding merchant services

Frequently Asked Savings Questions

The app is incredibly easy to use and works much like Apple Pay. Just select the merchant you want, type in the amount of your purchase, and the app will instantly generate a digital gift card for the clerk to scan at the register. In a restaurant environment, you simply write the number that’s generated onto the receipt.

Our patented payment app uses sophisticated blockchain technology, which means your credit card information can never be hacked or stolen. When you make a purchase with the app, the merchant receives a one-time tokenized number specific to that transaction.
You can’t be affected by data breaches at the merchant level like those that have affected millions of cardholders, because merchants never receive your credit card information. And, since your credit card information isn’t stored on your phone, it can’t be accessed even if your phone is lost or stolen. With built-in password protection, no one but you can use the app.

The amount you receive varies from merchant to merchant, but it’s about 5% on average. Some businesses offer limited-time promotions of up to 20%. Check the app frequently to take advantage of special offers and to discover new merchants we’re periodically adding to the platform! 

Last year, merchants spent over $50 billion to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat to attract new customers, often with unquantifiable results. We approached many of these top merchants with a better proposition: We’ll advertise your business to thousands of customers on our patented payment app. When one of our customers makes a purchase at your location using our app, you pay them a portion of your profit instead.
With the Infinity Payment App, the merchant’s advertising dollars are completely performance-based, since they pay only when a sale is made. Merchants win with a targeted advertising approach that brings them loyal, repeat customers. You win by being paid to shop at their store. Merchants want customers, and customers want cash back. Everybody wins! 

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